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About Peter Cox, designer

Peter Cox has been designing for his own clients since before 1983 when he graduated from Leicester Polytechnic with a BA(Hons) degree in Industrial Design (Engineering).

During his early career he worked as Engineering Assistant in the Solar Energy Division of an Abingdon-based Lithium power cell manufacturer; designing cell layouts, panel production tools and military and civilian applications for photovoltaic solar panels.

Subsequently, he was responsible for the Technical Graphics section of gas analysis equipment manufacturer Analysis Automation. It was whilst here that he gained much of his first-hand experience of silk-screen printing and began to design more extensively for marketing comunications; learning photographic direction skills and laying down an understanding of the litho printing process in the days of galley setting and film planning.

Founding his business in 1986 with a parallel-motion drawing board and a set of Rotring pens; his business has grown up through a non-stop revolution in graphic communication technology spanning from the green-screen Amstrad computer used to specify text for photo-typesetting, through the first versions of PC-based graphic design programmes such as CorelDraw! and Aldus PageMaker, to today's digital printing and on-line media.

In May 2004 Peter Cox Design Studio became a member and Tag Holder of Nominet, the official registry for .uk internet domain names and now has its own web hosting and internet services available only to clients as part of an integrated service portfolio.

Today, having experienced growing his business to four additional staff whilst handling the regular production of several publications and technical documents during the late 90's, he now works again as sole designer / producer in his electronic home studio, From there, with his wife providing administrative support, he provides an integrated portfolio of services for a relatively small number of mostly longstanding clients; designing mainly for graphics-based marketing communications in both print and electronic media, along with creative writing, technical documentation, and corporate and product graphics management.



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